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      2.   Welcome to our company!   
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                 Sulfide series
                 Ester series
                 Alcohol series
                 Organic salt and other se
          About us
        Dongying webchem chemical Co.,Ltd.is a high-tech chemical enterpeise integrating research,production,Custom,transfer,Market Research,Sales & Support.
        Our company has different departments such as experiment center,Test Base, production base,Testing Centre and sales department. we can do many high challenge chemical reactions. the experimental device can carry on no matter high temperature,low temperature,high pressure or high vacuum. in addition, we have a professional work team, and have a rich experience and technical advantage in halogenation,hydrogenation, oxidoreduction, hydrolysis,decarboxylation,acylation,rectification and so on. especially in Chiral technology.
        Up to now,our products have been exported to America,England, France,Spain,India,South Korea,Japan ,etc, We have won a good reputation in and abroad!